Monday, August 24, 2009

A note from Linda Harper, President of Care for Life

We got our tickets to Mozambique this past week and we couldn't be more excited! Check out this note that the President of Care for Life sent us for our blog:

Care for Life is certainly excited to have Tal and Anita join us in Mozambique this year. They will be working in all of our 8 communities but particularity in the community of Mungassa. Our Family Preservation Program is a 3 year program, Mungassa will graduate from the program and will celebrate its freedom from Care for Life in November while Tal and Anita are with us. Tal and Anita will be meeting personally with the families of Mungassa to record their great accomplishments towards self reliance and a better life. The difference the Family Preservation Program has made in this community is amazing. This information is vital to our data that shows the success and progress that has been made. Please visit our Web site for more information, and if you would like to donate to the work that Care for Life and Anita and Tal are doing be sure to visit the donate tab. If you do donate be sure to note that you are donating in behalf of Anita and Tal in the "Message to merchant box"

Thank you for your support,

Linda Harper
Care for Life

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