Friday, December 18, 2009


So here we are in Dubai now. A whole new world and it was fascinating all around. Here are some pictures of our two day experience in Dubai.

This is currently the tallest building in the world. It opens on January 4th and is 800 meters high. But Dubai has already the next building in construction. It will be 1 km tall and therefore the tallest building.


So we wanted to have a picture of us and the building and so I asked this really nice German guy to take it for us. Here is me talking to him.


We really got a kick out of him taking this picture, because you can barely see us on the picture he took. Because the building was so tall, he backed up 10 feet, looked up, backed up some more, looked up…and so forth. We were worried he was going to take off with our camera, he was so far away. And as you can see, he still did not get the whole building on it…


We then entered the biggest mall in the world, called Dubai Mall (to the right of this picture). Since we both don’t really like malls, we ditched the high end section (where you can find anything you want) and went to the Arabian section, which was so much more interesting. I had so many questions regarding traditional wear and so I entered this store to ask some questions about traditional wear in Dubai and the Middle East. This guy from Syria was very nice and in his best English explained it to us and started dressing Tal and me (see below). It was only under those circumstances that we felt comfortable putting them on. We learned a lot and appreciated the store managers openness to teach us.


The famous 7 star hotel in Dubai…


One of the beautiful mosques in Dubai.




Another mosque…



Now on to the “best” part – Ski Dubai.


The entrance was closed off for non-skiers. So we told them that I am from a ski resort in Switzerland and they got us in immediately so we could see how authentic it is


Two locals eating dinner by the slopes…


Trying skis on….


We could not help but have some dinner at the St. Moritz Cafe here at Ski Dubai. And what did we eat? Fondue. And believe it or not it was very tasty.


This was our white Christmas!

The next morning we were off to Chennai….more on that in the next blog.

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  1. How FUN! There is so much to see in Dubai! Can you believe the development??? Did you hear anything about the crashing economy. Are there stil thousands of cranes everywhere? The mosques are simply magnificent...same God just a little different take on Him huh?