Monday, June 28, 2010


Tal had a job interview in Munich the day after the French Open so we went straight to Munich from Paris…

The first thing Tal noticed in Munich was that the taxis are Mercedes! Tal enjoyed seeing the plethora of beautiful German-made cars.


Fraumuensterkirche in Munich


The Rathaus in Munich


The Hofbraeuhaus in Munich


This was the first time we have ever seen a stall like this in the bathroom and we had to take a picture.  Yes, it is for those that have had a little too much to drink, and have to get it out…


A typical street in Munich…


We had some tasty traditional meals in Munich. 




While Tal had his interview, Anita had the chance to take a tour of Munich to learn more about Hitler’s rise to power…

In 1920 the political party of the Nazis was officially founded in this room at the Hofbraeuhaus.


Below is one of the few Nazi buildings that was not destroyed by the bombs. It was the Nazi headquarters in Munich. The door on the second floor led to Hitler’s office. The building is now used as a Music Academy.


Odeon’s Platz. A lot of propaganda meetings by the Nazis took place here.


Germany is certainly not proud of this part of their past, but the importance of remembering these events and learning from them is important to all. So in 2011 the first Nazi Documentation Center will be built in Munich.



  1. Oh Tal and Anita, I want to be there with you! I'm going to show these posts to my kids. Thanks for being so cool and exposing our kids to the world. Hazel thinks you guys are awesome cause you've been to so many continents in the past year. We can't wait to see you! xoxo Saydi

  2. This is a part of the world we have never seen. We spent one day in Germany just after we were released from our mission in 1979 and sadly have never been back. This makes us want to go back soon. Great stuff!

  3. whirlwind and happy for you to see so many beautiful places.

  4. Wow! The German's have really moved forward in their thinking about the Nazi's if they are willing to erect a Documentation Center. Thanks for sharing.