Thursday, October 15, 2009

Manga, Mozambique

So...we just got to Mozambique and are excited like on the first day of school. We are looking forward to visit the first community tomorrow morning and working with Care For Life on their Family Preservation Program.

But before we get there we wanted to show you our new home...and which will be our home for the next two months and where all emails, skype convos and blog updates will happen (in case you love to see where that all takes place). It's very simple, but we already love it.

This is Tal... It feels like I am back on the mission! (The best part of that thought is that my companion is Anita!) As many of you know, I was a missionary in Brazil from 1998-2000 and being back in a Portuguese speaking area like this is bringing it all back! The tile floors, the mold on the walls, the delicious beans and rice that we had for dinner, etc. They even have a shower here that is just like the ones I used in Brazil. It gets heated electronically as the water enters the shower head. The problem is that most of these showers are too low for me and if my head touches the shower head near the wires I get an occasional jolt of electricity! It's nothing to worry about but it certainly wakes me up in the morning.

Mozambique greeted us with a single runway airport and 90 degree weather. Luckily, a slight zephyr kept us cool as we walked to the very small airport. We are both a little nervous about how hot it is supposed to get over the next few months.

We were picked up from the airport and went straight to the Care For Life Office/House. It is on located a main road and we drove through the town of Manga before we arrived. The poverty is so much worse than in South Africa and much of the town of Manga reminded me of some of the very poor areas of Brazil.

When we walked into the Care For Life house we were greeted by some of the staff. They all seemed very nice and were excited to have us here. The Care For Life building has offices in the front and living quarters towards the back (which is where our room is located). We had a "orientation" briefing from Joao, the director, which was very good and it got us excited about what we are going to be doing here. We also got answers to some of our questions. We are excited to continue our orientation over the next few days and visit a very successful community tomorrow called Inhamatanda.

T and A


  1. How exciting! Love your new home! Who gets the top bunk? Thanks so much for these pictures! As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words! But we like the words too! Congrats on your arrival! Can't wait to hear about your first village encounter. Watch out for that low shower head Tal!

  2. Wow those photos bring back memories. Glad to hear you guys made it safe. I guess you just can be glad that there is a hot water - shocks notwithstanding. keep up the posts.

    Deus os Abencoe


  3. Tal and Anita: This is Brad from Care For LIfe. I took the liberty of putting your blog address on the Care For Life Facebook page - I hope that is OK!

    Thanks for all you are doing - I know from experience that you are having the time of your life.