Friday, October 9, 2009

Mossel Bay, South Africa

Brief update from beautiful Mossel Bay, South Africa.

You may wonder where that is, so here a little geography for you. We are on the southern coast of S.A. on the "Garden Route", an area stretching between Mossel Bay and Plettenberg on the south western cost of S.A. and one of the most beautiful places on the earth. It's about 4 hours east of Capetown where we have spent the past few days, visiting Table Mountain (which is on the list to become one of the next Wonders of the World), Robben Island (where we learned more about Nelson Mandela and the struggle of Apartheid here in South Africa), the most astonishing Kirstenbosch Botantical Garden (you think you have seen flowers, but wait until you get here - there are more species here than anywhere else in the world - it's remarkable), and last but not least the Cape of Good Hope, which brought me (Anita) back to 5th grade where I learned about Vasco da Gama and the sailors of that time discovering the world.
What we love most about S.A. though is how kind everyone is and ready to make sure we have a great experience.
We don't have any pictures right now to share, but when we get to Mozambique next week we should be able to update this more with visual aids. But to draw a little visual image, picture this - we are driving from the wine lands towards the Garden Route and as we are passing field after field we see some cows and then sheep grazing... a little later we approach a field in the not too far distance that has another sort of animal on it ...grazing? We get closer and the field is full of Baboons!!!!!
On that note, we leave you here as we are off to discover Mossel Bay that has the second nicest climate in the world after Hawaii.

This is Tal.... we also saw whales yesterday in a place called Hermanus which was pretty cool and then just five minutes ago a very inquisitive little old lady stopped me in front of our Bed and Breakfast and asked, "how long are you?"

Keep up the comments... We love them!

T and A


  1. Colby was serving in So. Africa when Mandela was elected. It was such a special and interesting place for him, that we went back after we got married (a pseudo honeymoon). We went to most places you are mentioning.. driving down the Garden Route, Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, and beautiful Capetown, indeed, a beautiful place. We saw our baboons at the Cape of Good Hope... and saved the rest of our animal sightings for our safari. It was awesome. Robben Island (and our Township Tour) made the greatest impact on me while we were there. I was a little disappointed in mankind, to be honest,.. and now such a long road back.

    Keep the updates coming! What an awesome adventure for you!!

  2. Guys how cool is that. You are the best. We are so happy for you. What great work you are doing.
    Carpe Diem,

    Lots of LOVE,
    Eva and family

  3. My goodness. Sounds magical. WOW!!!! Please take a TON of photos with your super nice camera. I really can't wait to see pictures of the place.
    Man next time we will come too=)

  4. How fun to think you watching those baboons! Did you see the ostriches strutting around on your way back from the Cape? Funny to see wild animals that we only see in the zoo just walking around like they own the place...because they do!

  5. How exciting! I lived in South Africa for 3 1/2 month in 1989 and found it to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I lived in Durban. Glad you are having a great time. Don't forget to try Biltong it is like beef jerkey, but much better. The avacados are amazing too.

  6. Sounds amazing!! We're so glad you guys are having such a wonderful adventure. What a great start to your new life together. Keep the updates coming- we'll continue checking in. Soak up some of that good weather for us, it's getting cold here. :)

    Nic and Sherice

  7. Yo! Great to hear about the baboons!! i had to body slam a monkey once when it climbed on my back on the Amazon so if one of those baboons climbs on you, just give him a little body slam and he will leave you be.
    We love you guys and love hearing updates!

    Love, Noah and Kristi

  8. great stuff marrieds. have fun and we are praying for yous.