Thursday, January 14, 2010



Tourists from India and from around the world go to Alleppey to board a houseboat and cruise the laid back palm tree lined backwaters. Alleppey is said to be the Venice of the East, but because the New Year is a peak of the peak season, we decided to take a public ferry for 3 hours from Kottayam to Alleppey. The price difference was immense – 21 rupees A(about 50 cents) for both of us on the public ferry versus 12’000 rupees (about $240/night) on a house boat for about the same vistas. We were pretty happy to have beat the system especially when we saw (from the public ferry) that there was a house boat traffic jam.

Alleppey was not so great until we found a quiet guest house at the beach. We had a very relaxing four days, filled with reading, listening to the waves and enjoying new vegetarian dishes with morning runs on the beach. Here are some pictures.

The 21 rupee public ferry


The 12’000 rupee houseboat


The backwaters





Our fellow passengers



Our spot at the beach



On one of the days we watched a local basketball tournament. They loved that Tal was there – an American basketball player (and twice their size).


The score keepers…


And cricket players on the beach…


The next day we headed up to Delhi for a tour of Rajasthan.


  1. Wow, I've been away from any time on the Internet for a week so it's so good to see these posts! We can't wait for more and to join you shortly! Looks like so much fun!

  2. I love your pics my dear. Do you know how to edit the HTML to make them bigger. I really want to see the faces of the kids and people you meet up close.

  3. keep it up. love u guys. when do you come home?

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