Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Taj Mahal


The craftsmanship, the dimensions, the symmetry of this building (and surrounding area) really, to us at least, made the Taj Mahal live up to all of the hype.  Below was our first view of it as we walked through the gate.


As we looked at the beauty of the construction, we had differing thoughts.  Tal thought it was quite a love story: Shah Jahan’s second wife dies in childbirth and in his agony, his hair went grey over night.  He decides to build this memorial (the Taj Mahal) as her resting place.


Anita saw it differently.  She thought that the building of the Taj Mahal was this emperors way of self-aggrandizement rather than showing his love for his diseased wife. So, according to her opinion, the Taj Mahal was more about him than his wife. 
As for you, you can pick either side…


This 17th century masterpiece was constructed by around 3,000 stone masons and it took 24 years to build (from 1631 to 1653). 


The picture below has a fun background, because I (Anita), as I was walking through the adjacent Mosque, found an open door that lead up to the roof of a side building. So I snuck up to to explore the area. I was really not supposed to be there, because I made it past a guard, who happened to be on his cell phone and did not notice me. When I made it up there, this was my view.



Tal hanging out with a local Muslim family.


The sun finally came out towards the end of our 4 hour stay… When we got there it was a miserable 4 degrees, Celsius that is, so we really appreciated these sun beams.


The details of the craftsmanship on the Taj Mahal are beautiful…




On both sides of the Taj Mahal are decorated with identical red sandstone buildings.  One is a “Guest House”…


and one is a Mosque…


As you can see, because of the cold, Anita and I had about eight layers of clothing on in these pictures…




  1. It is my dream someday to see this beautiful building!

  2. How fantastic! This made us feel almost like we were right there with you...except I'm glad we weren't! You look COLD! That place is fabulous! You will appreciate our table in the den more when you get home which was done by the progenitors of those who created the inlays at the Taj! Such great photography!

  3. Someday I'm going to make Jared take me there. I think it's absolutely breathtaking! Glad you got to experience it!

  4. Ahh... all these photos of your exciting travels is making me a little depressed (for myself.. but happy for you). I wish I could see and experience these places too. Such wonderful people and places can be found all over the world! I continue to find locations to add to my wish list... just added Taj Mahal. For now, I will live vicarious through you. What wonderful photos.. and stories. :) Thanks for sharing.

    I didn't know India was cold?.. was it because it is early morning? Hmm.

  5. Wow guys! This is a nice piece. Good job on finally getting some bigger photos on here. I couldn't find my magnifying glass this morning, so I am glad they are a bit bigger.
    Man, it seems like you guys are going to all the right places. What incredible architecture! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through the pictures. Looks like you guys are having an incredible time! Live it up. Love you guys, Eli

  6. i love the shot of you two and the reflection in the water. great one to be blown up big.
    love reading about all the fun you are having. so happy for you. I LOVE how HAPPY you look together in these great photos.