Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year in Munnar


To steal the words of our travel bible, the Lonely Planet, we could “hear the collective sigh” as we entered the mountain air of Munnar. We decided to round the year off the best way we could and set off on a 7 hour hike in the hills of Munnar. The views were absolutely breathtaking as you can see from the pictures below. We hiked around the many tea plantations of the region and loved to see the scenery. But what topped it off is that we could actually hear birds chirping versus cars incessantly honking.




This is the group we hiked with. A highlight of our trip has been to meet people from everywhere. Here we are with a couple from Sweden and a couple from Scotland.



Munnar is surrounded by tea plantations.


Even the cows drink tea here…ok not true, but they love the leaves.


Happy New Year!!!


  1. Lovely, I guess I never thought of their being mountains/hills in India. Gorgeous views! Besides being covered and the price difference, I can't see any difference between the ferry and the house boat. Good choice! Glad you guys are having such a wonderful time. When do you start working?

  2. SHOOT! Sorry we missed that! It looks simply spectacular!

  3. Beautiful... The pictures are so good.. Munnar is Kerala’s highest-bid hill station. I have been in Munnar, and thats my favorite tourist spot in Kerala. Good climate through out the year and so many beautiful places to visit.